If you’ve ever said “it’s just a dog/cat/horse etc.”, this probably isn’t the place for you! We believe all animals are More Than Human and deserve to be treated as such. We know that all animals are sentient (have positive and negative feelings) and are unique individuals. 

More Than Human (formerly Gem’s Pets) is a pet sitting business started by Gemma Sheppard in 2023. We provide welfare focused animal care services in Warminster and the surrounding villages.

We are 2 humans and one dog who are passionate about animal welfare and education. We strive to ensure the best care for your More Than Human animals while you are busy, at work or on holiday. Each and every animal we encounter becomes part of the pack and is treated like our own.

Canine, equine and feline services in Warminster, Westbury and surrounding villages

Personalised dog treats and cakes for any occasion!

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More Than Human - Guilty Dog

Do dogs feel guilt?

Anthropomorphism People frequently attribute human-like characteristics to nonhuman things, such as our pets. This is called anthropomorphism. There is much debate in the scientific community about whether this is helpful

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More Than Human - Dog Paw

Does my dog love me?

Oxytocin – the love hormone Oxytocin is often called the love hormone because it is associated with positive feelings. It has been shown to reduce anxiety and stress and positively

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More Than Human - Sad Dog

Do animals experience grief?

What is grief? Grief includes a variety of emotions such as anger and sadness in response to losing someone or something important to you. Everyone experiences it differently depending on

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All about the HeroRats

APOPO APOPO is a non-profit organisation with headquarters in Tanzania, but their work has extended to impoverished nations across the world. This organisation uses Southern African giant pouched rats, affectionately

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